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5 Frequently Overlooked Parts of the Day

Getting married is a stressful process, especially when there are many different events to organise in addition to the big day itself. Most clients have an Engagement ceremony, two pre–wedding events (each) and the wedding to organise from start to finish so it is understandable that by the time they reach the grand finale that is their actual wedding day / reception, some things may have been forgotten or overlooked in the process.

Cake Accessories

Do ensure that your cake supplier provides you with a cake stand and knife. Most companies offer this service and hire out their stand and knife to you for the day. Clients in the past have borrowed cake stands from a friend and ended up with a round cake stand for a square cake! Using the same company for the accessories and the cake will finish off your cake table perfectly, so it’s definitely our recommendation!

The Roti ceremony (Sikh tradition)

The bride is served her first meal as married woman. The meal is safeguarded with a red shawl and presented with money. This meal is shared with her husband. Although we are certainly seeing less of this ritual at weddings, it is still regarded as a very significant part of the day to some. Speak to your family about this in advance so that the time required for this is factored in to your itinerary. If not, this could delay the service of the main course on the day as traditionally, the bride should be the first to eat if this ceremony is taking place.

The Mandap Stage

If your venue ceiling height allows, always go for a stage! I am sure all photographers and videographers would agree with me on this one! Not only does the stage allow for guests sat further away to see the beautiful ceremony, it also helps your photographers to capture those perfect images you wish for.

The all-important Food!

If you have booked us for your wedding catering, you will know that it is very important to us that guests enjoy the delicious food on the day! In order to do so, enough time should be allowed for each course so that guests can have second or even third helpings of their favourite dishes – no one likes to be rushed! We would help you create your wedding itinerary as part of our event management service, ensuring that your guests have enough time on the day to indulge.

SMILE! You’re on camera!

It may seem easier said than done but whether you have some empty seats in the room or you are running behind schedule, smile and carry on! All eyes (and professional camera lenses) are on YOU! It will all be over before you know it so try to enjoy every moment. Happy Planning! Preeti

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