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5 Misconceptions of Asian weddings

Asian Weddings are big, bad and mad affairs. If you haven’t been to one then get ready to be shocked! Everyone’s drunk, screaming and shouting at the top of their voices and there’s mass disorder. And all of a sudden every aunty and uncle is the perfect wedding planner… Below are the top 10 misconceptions of Asian Weddings. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

No.1 – The number of Guests invited

So apparently we invite everyone in the universe along with their neighbours and the pet dog to our weddings. Thousands and thousands of people attend; wanting and waiting to catch a glimpse of their favourite couple, cameras at the ready!! Yea maybe in the movies or back home in a small town but here that’s slightly unpractical don’t you think? I mean where would you fit all those long lost relatives and whose going to feed them? The truth is that Asian weddings are generally between 350 to 500 people. Every couple we meet say the same thing… ‘We don’t even know that many people’ and rightly so. But your parents do and they've been waiting for this day a very long time. They want to show off their offspring to all the friends and family they've met along the way. It’s a balanced compromise… mainly swayed in your parents favour. Just try to remember this is their day too…

No.2 – Uninvited Guests

Did you hear about that wedding last year where hundreds of people just turned up? It happens all the time at Asian weddings, the police come rushing to attend on horses, in cars and via helicopter to control the traffic caused in nearby streets and gridlock to motorways. Get real people, do you honestly believe all the Chinese whispers that are brandished about to make idle gossip? Actually no people don’t just turn up. Ever heard of an invite? Well seems like most other people have too. Who in their right mind would want to go to a wedding uninvited? Yes it has happened – once or twice but there is no reason to panic over it. In fact what usually happens is too many invites get sent out with no one keeping check on who is coming and who isn’t. Is it surprising that everyone who gets an invite actually wants to attend? Anyway luckily for you our guest list tool on will keep you keep on top of it!

No.3 ‘Did I miss anything?’

Being late to a wedding is fashionable… the ‘cool’ families arrive 3 hours late and then bark orders to everyone around them to bring starters that they conveniently missed. How selfish!!! No this is not your time to show how cool you are Uncle Whatshisface! In fact you are inconsiderate and should never be invited to another wedding ever again!!! It is no longer acceptable to be late! Are you late for work every day? Or late to watch the cricket? So why, when you've had an invite for 3 months, can you not manage to dress yourself and arrive at an important family function on time like everyone else? In fact, be late and you’ll be missing out. Have you not noticed everyone rushing to the venue to get a ‘good seat’ and looking forward to starters? Yea… so have we!

No.4 Order order!

It’s an ‘okay okay, yes yes, don’t worry’ attitude and let the day commence ‘how god intended it too’. Now bless the almighty but there hasn't been any divine intervention at any of the weddings we attended. More like a smart looking event manager to provide a knowledgeable, punctual, and calm service. It’s an expected accompaniment in helping your day run flawlessly.

No.5 …and it’s a knock out

Oh Bob and Bill like a little light hearted scuffle at most parties, but when weddings come along they get really excited about sizing themselves up to the ‘other side’. No wedding is a real wedding unless someone is throwing a drunkenly mistimed punch towards someone else equally as intoxicated. As the recipient dives on to the cake table in a last minute ditch to duck the punch a mass brawl ensues and it’s all on film to send to ‘You've been framed’… To this day I can honestly say I have never seen a fight break out at a wedding I've managed or attended. 99.9% of your guests are coming to celebrate with you and your nearest & dearest. For 0.01% that are keen on causing mischief most venues now employ in-house security and are CCTV’d up to the nines – so be warned Big Brother is watching you and you’ll be named & shamed for sure!

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