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How to propose

Gents… in through the nose out through your mouth, you’re ready for this. You’ve been together for a while now and this is naturally the next step. There’s no need to be terrified of the unknown, we all go through it. Our minds race from ‘Am I sure’ to ‘This is all too quick’ to ‘What about my football’, and I’m sure matey will be pulling at your ears telling you ‘nah bro, you’re way too young!’ or ‘oh well your life is over then innit’… Is it? Really? You’ve got the lady and you want to make her part of your life forever… Sounds pretty cool to me!! NOTE; Don’t tell too many people your plans, it may filter back to her and ruin your surprise… Matey needs to keep his mouth zipped!

Practice makes perfect

Now this is only happening once so it will take planning, practice and maturity to make it a perfect moment for BOTH of you. Yes both of you… this is a big moment for you too, you’re going to ask your lady to be your wife! Hello – sorry didn’t mean to scare you again, wipe that sweat away and lets start…

Perfect timing

Deciding on when to propose is down to you. There is no way to tell when the perfect time is but it is important that you propose at a time that you’re not rushed, feeling calm, relaxed and most importantly ready. A few pointers to keep in mind when deciding on when to pop the big question; is there a meaningful date such as your first date, anniversary or other commemoration? Find out discretely what time of year she would like get married so there’s time to plan the wedding without feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Sometimes the date to propose will just choose itself out of pure practicality.

It's all about preparation

You old romantic devil! Picking where and how to propose will be a no brainer right? Well just in case you need a tiny helping hand here’s a few hints and tips. Think about her favourite places she loves to visit. Keep it practical so any prep work can be done easily. Consider things you like to do together and use this as a way of keeping her unsuspecting. If you’re going to propose at a restaurant then call and book way, way in advance to ensure you get the best table in the house.

This is how we do it...

Now you’ve decided where think about the how… The trustworthy and traditional ‘down on a bended knee’ is universally recognised and can be performed anywhere. Just remember if you are in a public place you’ll be attracting interest from everyone so expect eavesdropping! Are you going to have anything accompanying to help set the scene? Music, roses and champagne fellas!!! If she already has the feelers that ‘OMG he’s going to ask me to marry him… arrrrrggggggghhhhhhh [very high pitched and about 37.34 seconds long, the way only our ladies know how]’ then maybe keep her guessing by hiding the ring… if you’re not keen to say the words ‘will you marry me’ then get creative…

Smart dress is essential

The day has arrived. Yes you have been up all night practicing but the flawless performance you are about to execute will be so worth it! Don’t ruin it by turning up in your latest designer jeans and crisp white trainers. This is one of the biggest days in your life… Smart dress is ESSENTIAL and MRRA if you don’t! That’s Management Refuse Right of Admission, just in case… She’ll appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to and think of the pictures!

Smart dress is essential

Now double check everything… keys, wallet, jacket, and phone… erm RING!!! Call everyone to make sure everything is set and go forth and get proposing!!! Good Luck you super star

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