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Warning: This may result in a flat abdomen!

The all important quest for most brides is getting that flat tummy. Here is how to get it:

Eat Fibrous Food

Fibre will leave you fuller for longer making it easier to stick to your healthy eating plan. As well as feeling full, insoluble fibre found in oats and wholemeal foods act like a “Mr Muscle” for your digestive tract, producing bulk as a result preventing or alleviating bloating and constipation.


Dehydration can lead to fatigue, water retention which is the bodies anti-diuretic hormone response. Start your day with a glass of water to kick start your metabolism and flush out those toxins. If you are exercising drink more!

Incorporate Calcium in to your Diet

Not only is calcium needed to maintain strong teeth & bones it plays a role in fat loss too. A diet deficient in this mineral causes the body to respond by storing it for a rainy day in the fat cells, this in turn promotes weight gain. If you are on a diary free or calorie restricted diet it is more than likely preventing your fat loss, you may need to think about supplementing but do not exceed the government recommended amount (RDA).

Don't Restrict Calories

As well as causing the above (calcium deficiency) you could be drying up other vital vitamins & minerals essential for optimum health. A calorie restricted diet decreases the efficiency of using up fat as fuel.

Switch to Decaf

This coffee is rich in Chlorogenic acid and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. This may be a winner for after meals.

Control Stress Levels

Cortisol at its highest! What does this mean? Well , as a response to this hormone, sugar (glucose) is released into the blood stream and ends up around your mid-riff. To add to the matter your cravings for sugar increases. Weddings are stressful so find the time to RELAX! Meditate, exercise, read a book or indulge in some retail therapy, do what keeps you calm and stress-free!

Eat your 5 A DAY!

We have been flooded with the “5 a day” campaign. It is important to achieve this but try to meet this requirement by eating more vegetables and less fruit. Fruit contains sugar so enjoy in moderation.


You can incorporate an abs routine before or after a workout. If you are planning to fit it in before, use it in a warm up for example “inch worm”. If adding it after you could perform the circuit above and remember when it comes to abs it is quality not quantity. Ensure correct engagement with correct breathing technique which means breathing on the effort. Good Luck! Rupy G x

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