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Wedding @ Northbrook Park

Our first wedding at Northbrook Park this year. An amazing venue, amazing decor & amazing couple!!

The Civil Ceremony

The décor was perfectly put together with our friends at Wed-In-Style

The Peacocks!!!

These beautiful residents at Northbrook Park love a good party. Did you know that a Peacock is actually the male and Peahen is the female. They are actually called Peafowl.

The String Quartet

The music being played by this talented bunch made sure the romance of the day was kept alive whilst the guests arrived

Sparkling Rose with Elderflower

An interesting combination that went down extremely well with the wedding guests

Keeping Warm

The couple thought about everything! Even how to keep their guests hands warm! These hand warmers are a brilliant touch to a winter wedding

The wishing tree

A beautiful alternative to the traditional guest book

The Orangery looking fabulous

Congratulations to our wonderful Bride and Groom – Sunday 24th January 2016

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