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Why A Toastmaster

The big day is approaching, the venue is booked, the photographers are ready, the videographers are polishing their lenses. The caterers are cooking themselves into a frenzy while the dhol players are doing press-ups one arm at a time. The florists have been creative the decorators have been decorative. So who ties them all together?

The Toastmaster of course!

Let's face it, after so much work and effort put into your wedding day, not just by the bride but so many others too, the happy couple want to sit back, relax and enjoy it. And it's not just them. With a Toastmaster then other important members of your family can join in more fully with the celebrations and not have to worry about jobs that must be done.

So what does he do?

A Toastmaster will make sure that all the different suppliers at your wedding work together from the same plan, your plan. He will make sure that no-one goes off on their own and blows your careful plan out of the water. He will ensure that you are just able to sail through the day on an untroubled, wonderful experience.

I want my wedding to be on time, can he make sure that will happen?

No. No-one can, there are so many variables at a wedding to keep it exactly to time is an impossibility. However a Toastmaster will make sure that it keeps closer to your schedule than would otherwise have been the case. From co-ordinating with the priest to helping with the photographs he will keep you as close to your schedule as it is possible to do.

I don't want my wedding to be too formal

No, it shouldn't be, a wedding is a celebration, and your Toastmaster is aware of this. A combination of courtesy, a smile, firmness and charm will make sure that your Toastmaster will be a hit with all of your guests and bring an extra dimension to your wedding day. Ask anyone who has had a Toastmaster and they will tell you they don't know how they would have survived the day without one.

It's an investment.......

........especially if that Toastmaster is Geoffrey Harris of Class In a Coat.

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